The Pets Travel Scheme (PETS), allows people to take their dogs, cats and ferrets to other European Countries and return with them to the UK. It also allows animals to enter the UK from particular countries without quarantine. Certain criteria have to be met to keep the UK free from rabies and other diseases.

There have been some recent changes that make travelling with pets much easier.

Criteria to be met for dogs and cats:

  • Must be microchipped
  • Have received a single rabies vaccination
  • Have waited 21 days after this vaccination before reentry into the UK
  • Passport to be completed by a registered OV (most practices will have some vets who are registered)
  • Be wormed within 1-5 days with an approved product before reentering UK.
  • We recommend treating for ticks/skin parasites for the animals own safety, although there is currently no legal requirement for this.

The criteria for travel in Europe with your pets is always changing and it is important you are sure that you have filled all the relevant criteria.

Please check the DEFRA website for up to date information before travelling with your pet.