Brian was admitted to the hospital after a cat charity picked him up from a cat colony. Two of his brothers and sisters had already died.

Brian was emaciated, anaemic and had severe cat flu. He was about five weeks old but on arrival could not hold up his head and his eyes were stuck together by his conjunctivitis. Brian had fleas and was severely dehydrated. He weighed just 300g.

He was put on IV fluids, given antibiotics and decongestants and treated for fleas and worms. He was still not eating by himself so needed to be syringe fed. In a few days Brian was brighter but still would not eat.

Brian was taken home by one of the vets to foster.

It took two weeks for Brian to eat on his own but eventually he began to. Brian does have residual issues from his flu – his nasal passages have been permanently damaged and he has recurrent bouts of flu several times per year.

However Charlie, the vet who fostered him, decided to keep Brian – so he is now a happy adult pet cat!