Equine Vaccinations

Pregnant mares:

Must have a flu and tetanus vaccination 3-6 weeks prior to foaling

Tetanus Toxoid regime:

All unvaccinated horses should be vaccinated twice at an interval of 4 to 8 weeks.

Foals can be vaccinated from four months, unless the mare was vaccinated during pregnancy in which case they should be vaccinated at 6 months.

A third vaccination should be given 12 months later.

Boosters given at two yearly intervals.

Booster vaccination in pregnant mares:  4-8 weeks prior to give passive immunity to the foal.

Please See Table Below:


BHS and Jockey Club Rules

FEI rules 

First Vaccination

At 6 months (or start of course) Flu and Tetanus

At 6 months  Flu and Tetanus

Second Vaccination

21 to 92 days later  after 1st Flu and tetanus

21 to 92 days after 1st Flu and tetanus


Third Vaccination

150 to 215 days later after 2nd  Flu

Within 6 months and 21 days after 2nd injection


Boosters no more than 365 days later

Flu annually and tetanus every 2nd year

At least annual boosters, unless the horse is to compete in an FEI competition when the last flu booster must be within 6 months and 21 days of arrival at FEI event

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